Dry Flower Vaporizer! 


Feel the Flavor

Customize each experience to elevate your lifestyle



  • Customize terpene release with precise temperature settings (300-435)


  • Share it on the go with it's sleek potable design


  • Indulge in variety with our unique water bubbler accessory (sold separately)


  • Enjoy even baking with ceramic chamber and tungsten elements


Because temperature does matter

I love this product! As a medicinal patient being able to choose what benefits I get from my medicine is amazing. I don’t lose the integrity of the Herb either. When you pay good money for the properties of the Herb you get you don’t want to lose that. I get full sense of the product to were I smell and taste it just as it was when I bought it, rather than a burnt taste and smell in the house. It’s more discrete while still being able to enjoy an organic product rather than an oil or liquid of some kind. I love this and have already recommended it.

Thank you again! - A very satisfied customer
Jenny in Aberdeen, WA