Frequently Asked Questions

Ario Questions

How do I clean the mouthpiece and bubbler mounting bracket screens?

Ario Vape comes with three extra screens and can be purchased separately. When your screen needs to be cleaned or replaced, simply unscrew the screen mount, pop the screen out and clean with Isopropyl Alcohol and cotton swab. Once cleaned and dried, this screen can then be reused.

Can I unplug the Ario Vape from the charger before it has reached a full charge?

Yes you can.

Is Ario Vape waterproof?

No, Ario Vape is not resistant to water, or waterproof.

How full should I load the Ario Vape for optimal use?

The ceramic heating chamber heats the entire chamber evenly so it can be loaded to the top of the white section. Load snug but not too tight, allowing enough space for airflow.

What is the best way to clean the ceramic heating chamber?

Before cleaning your Ario Vape, ensure all pieces of the device have cooled. When emptying the chamber, brush out anything loose from the inside of the chamber and the screen on the mouthpiece. After several uses or when flavor or performance aren’t as good, clean the mouthpiece screen with some Isopropyl Alcohol and a cotton swab, let dry and re-use. When the need arises, wet a cotton swab with some Isopropyl Alcohol and gently swab the inside of the chamber, making sure no moisture seeps into the air holes at the bottom of the chamber. Allow chamber to fully dry before using

Vaporizing Questions

What is vaporizing?

Vaporizing, offen referred to as "vaping", is the process of using an electronic device to heat up a dried form or concentrate form of plant material. Vaporization can occur from around 300 degrees F – 440 degrees F, so as not to reach combustion.

What is vapor?

Vapor is the water-based by-product of vaporizing plant material. It generally has less of a cloud-like appearance and far less prevalent smell than smoking.

What is combusting?

Combusting is the process of burning something. Combustion can begin as low as 400 degrees F, but is generally agreed to occur around 450 degrees F.

What is smoking?

Smoking is the process of a human inhaling or exhaling smoke, while burning it. Smoke is the by-product of combusting plant material. It is known to have a very large cloud-like appearance and a strong smell.

Is vaping healthier than smoking?

Vaporizing heats your plant material at a much lower temperature than combustion. When dry herb is vaporized, components of the plant are extracted rather than completely burned. This prevents inhaling harmful carcinogens and by-products that result from combustion (smoking).

Is it true that you taste the plant better with vaporizing?

It has been noted that distinct flavor profiles within herbs are more easily noticed and identified when vaping versus smoking.

What is the difference between conduction and convection?

Conduction is when plant material comes in direct contact with a heating element. Convection is when air passes through a vaporizer heating chamber to heat the plant material. Ario Vape employs both methods at the same time.

Is vaping as potent as smoking?

Yes. Temperature will affect the release of certain compounds within the plant. Desired effect can vary based on plant being used and the heat to which it is exposed.

Usage Questions

Can Ario Vape be used with concentrates as well as dry herb?

No. Ario Vape is designed for dry, finely ground plant matter only.

How do I know when the plant material is fully used?

Each person’s preference for “doneness” will vary. It is encouraged to explore with Ario Vape to find your threshold. Two main indications can be: color of plant material-changes from green to varying hues of brown; taste with inhale-the flavor will change especially toward the end of use.

Does the mouthpiece go on both ways?

No. The mouthpiece bracket and bubbler bracket will fit atop the Ario Vape one way. Turn it around if it doesn’t work the first way.


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